ENG // MotoRC 1 – I wanted the win too much

The first race is always the one where you want to make a statement (and now it's on live TV)


Bogdan Vrajitoru

5/10/20191 min read

I returned from the winter tests brimming with energy. I was a little nervous because I knew that the first race is where you show what you are capable of. After the qualifying session, I was in P2 for the race. I knew I would be able to fight for the win.

The race

And we started! My plan was to stay relaxed and make a move for the lead in the second part of the race. I wanted to be the hunter, not the hunted. But the riding style of my opponent, Cătălin Cazacu, was not something I enjoyed. I always wanted to keep more speed in the middle of the corner and he always stopped the bike at the apex in a way that was too much for my liking. My rhythm felt disrupted. So by lap 4 I decided on the spot to go to the front with a move in the last corner of the track.

I led the race, but I didn't break away, and when we started to catch the back markers, I wanted to pass as fast as possible and that is the moment when I misjudged a pass… I hit the slower rider and we both went outside the track. I rejoined 5 seconds away from the new leader. I gave everything I could in the last laps, I got close to the lead, but the checkered flag showed me that it wasn't enough. P2 for the first race! In that moment, I was disappointed. Because of one second that I wouldn't wait for one more corner, I rushed and lost the race – the win slipped from my hand.

At least, I had shown my clear intentions.