ENG // Preparation for 2019 | Part 1 & 2 - Nogaro and Valencia

The last test on the ZX10RR and the first on the Yamaha R1


Bogdan Vrajitoru

1/1/20191 min read


 My last test with the Kawasaki was very productive. My parents wanted me to go to this test fully protected and insisted on buying the most expensive airbag suit there was on the market. The only problem was that the fitting was a little off and I got a bad bruise on my knee which caused me pain. It was not a comfortable ride.

 However, during the test my lap time was not so bad and I really learned to work the throttle while making better use of the traction control. Also, the track walk with Adrien Morillas and the team was a revelation, like all my discussions with him. We learned how to check if the asphalt is dry and what the correct trajectories around Nogaro are.

 After I returned to Romania, we sold the suit so I could go to the next test. My first one with the new R1.


 The morning I got on the new bike it was a bit cold. I entered the track, made four corners, and crashed. A really smooth crash. The bike was OK, I was OK. It was like it had to happen for us to relax. The first day was to meet and get to know the new bike and to break in the new engine. While doing this, I equalled the best time I had achieved with the previous bike. And I still had a couple of thousands of RPMs to go. I was shocked and in heaven.

 The following day we changed the neoprene seat so that I could be higher and a little more comfortable (this one centimetre completely changed how I felt the bike – it was mine now). We also changed the fork springs because I was bottoming on the brakes.

 By the end of the test, I was three seconds faster than with my last bike. I left Valencia feeling grateful and very motivated. I could see the beautiful races ahead of me.